May 20, 1991 - November 29, 2005
  Spike was my very first dog. He was my loving companion and went everywhere I went. He never won ribbons or even set foot in a show ring but we shared a special bond. He was a great ambassador for the breed as well. He loved everyone, people and dogs alike, and was happiest when sitting in a lap, anyone's lap! He spoke English too! All you had to say was "Calzone" and he was right there waiting for some! The smartest little dog I ever knew. But then, he never considered himself a dog.....no no...he was definitely a human in a dog suit! At 8 pounds, he presided over my canine household until his death at 14 1/2 years. Even Katie respected him as Leader.

He made me laugh and sometimes made me cry. I love him and will miss him, always.
  See you at the RAINBOW BRIDGE, Spike!
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10 Weeks

12 Weeks
Super Pup

Being a puppy
Spike (Left) with sister China  -  1 Year
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